07 August 2007

Community help….

Whilst racking their brains on new ways of making cash, ZDNet has decided to push its ZDNet Community. A forum for IT people where they can debate things with their peers is a cracking idea and, doubtless, a good money-spinner if they get it right.

Which is doubtful, given the flyer we’ve just seen.

As anyone that has tried to get a time-pressed IT director to do a case study will know, these guys don’t really like or trust ‘the press.’ So using a forum attached to a big publishing house is a big ask, especially one that’s notorious for hysterical click-friendly headlines.

Expecting these IT guys to happily chat with journos about their issues is an even bigger assumption. Inviting them to turn up at ZDNet’s online pub, the White Hart, to join Rupert Goodwins, Tom Espiner, Peter Judge and Charles McLellan for a virtual drink is the height of optimism.

We’re not sure of the conversation in the picture, but it looks to us as if Goodwins is making a bold claim about his appendage. The look on Judge’s face suggests he might be wondering if that’s really the table leg he’s wrapped his foot round. Meanwhile Barry from EastEnders is intent on flogging an old Cortina to McLellan.

We're also not sure if anyone other than white males are invited to the White Hart. What we do know is that the four of them are eeking out the last dregs of their drinks waiting for a PR to turn up.

The back of the flyer is no better.

Give it three weeks before you see:

billynomates: bueller?
billynomates: bueller?
billynomates: bueller?


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or do the CNet publications seem to be struggling.

God knows what's going on at Silicon, while ZDnet are asking people to meet them down the virtual pub to 'please, for the love of God give us some free content'.

It's a sad day when ZDnet can't even get four staffers in their pic, roping in Peter Judge for the photo - presumably because he's such a hottie.

Anonymous said...

Very funny Mr TWL, very funny indeed. There's something very 1970s about that picture

Ben Schmark said...


But fair.

Anonymous said...

its called online communities, something most old media hacks who think blogging is new wont understand. no wonder its lost on you...

'another anonymous blogger'

EKE said...

Now that's what I call a night on the tiles...where do I sign?

Anonymous said...

"People like you talking tech". People like me? How very dare you.