17 December 2006

No graffiti, no comment….

Proving that no one is above cashing in, graffiti artist Banksy has a book out this Christmas. It’s a collection of some of the best work from the notorious “art terrorist,” (The Daily Telegraph’s one line descriptor, not ours).

Producing ‘graffiti art’ on a wide range of public spaces has won Banksy no favours with law enforcement officials, which led to a gorgeous piece of PR-related wit. Eschewing the usual sycophantic book cover quote, Banksy (or his publisher, at least) evidently decided it would be funny to ring the Metropolitan Police and ask for a quote for the cover of the book.

A ham-fisted plod Met press officer, straying from the usual “no comment” realms, underlined how unlikely it was that the Met would play ball with Banksy. And so on the back cover of Banksy’s book is a single endorsement quote:

"There's no way you're going to get a quote from us to use on your book cover" Metropolitan Police spokesperson

Banksy has a lovely, if somewhat small, website. Some of our favourites are here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

Good job you're not his publicist TWL that book's been out for over a year ;o)


Anonymous said...

The trouble with Banksy is he's shit. And a twat.

Charlie Brooker puts it best in TVGoHome:

12.20am Cunt
Nathan Barley purchases a copy of Knees Royale, the debut album from a knowingly lo-fi Westbourne Grove-based band called The Knees, whose music is a thinly-veiled amalgamation of the Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (yet manages to be precisely one-hundredth as rewarding) and whose CD cover boasts a specially commisioned portrait of the queen wearing a Bomberman helmet, sprayed rebeliously on the wall of a Soho alleyway by dangerous urban street art phenomenon Banksy, whose provocative stencilled images of riot vans and monkeys effortlessly shatter the cosy mindsets of all uptight “normals” who see them, while simultaneously providing a vague sense of inclusive 21st-Century somethingism to the self-orbiting cuntrungs who frequent the kind of gentrified media locales in which is sixth-form wall-splatterings tend to be somewhat conveniently displayed.


....the world's leading.... said...

Fair point...and thanks also for the proof that it takes one to know one.