30 May 2006

10 reasons that Americans are aggravating….

They don't say "that's a bad idea," they say "that's a great idea, and I think we can enhance it by…" and then suggest something entirely different.

They produce excessively long documents that contain no information.

They spend at least 30 minutes of every global conference call running through the US features list.

Their complete inability to comprehend time zones.

They say “media outreach” instead of “ringing up a few people.”

They only have two weeks holiday a year, get into work at 8am every day, and yet fail to produce any PR collaterals of any use.

They don't get irony.

Their radio stations don’t play anything other than the Eagles, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Pink Floyd.

Consultancy side American PRs suck up to their clients to a truly toe-curling degree.

They don't drink.

They 'oversee' UK PR campaigns when the only UK media they know is the BBC, The Financial Times and “The Times of London.”

They don't get sarcasm.

They describe The Register's humour as 'irreverent' which it isn't. Irreverent humour has two characteristics - it is not funny and it is American. The Register is neither.


Their assumption that Stockholm and London are separated by nothing more than a short taxi ride.


The fact that their first comment on this post would be: “I think it lists more than 10 reasons.”

They get paid more and live in bigger houses.


Dennis Howlett said...

Two more:

At any client meeting, PR attendees out number all other participants 2:1 and preferably 3:1

They need to travel in numbers to ensure there are enough brain cells working to hold a vaguely coherent conversation.

Sherrilynne Starkie said...

I can't find your trackback link but wanted to mention that I blogged on simliar issues earlier today. I just updated my post with a link to yours.

Trixie said...

I do not work in the PR industry, but have some very close friends who do work in the industry. But I am an American and I think you list is not only funny, but so true. I think you forgot one. Americans have way too many meetings which makes it hard to actually get any work done. BTW - I guess I'm one of the few Americans who love to drink and love British humor.

Tim Dyson, CEO of Next Fifteen said...

I take issue with the part about irony and sarcasm. As a Brit living in America I think they displayed both beautifully when they voted for Bush as President.

Uriah Av-Ron said...

When will you finally get over losing those thirteen darn colonies and a boat load of tea?

As an American ex-pat, I do agree with most of what you said.

But before George Bush, Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992 as a pot smoking and draft dodging adulterer 18 months after George Bush Senior had an 89% approval rating. That was a brilliant PR victory, regardless of your side of the pond.

Charles said...

29) they won't give the PR team in the UK any autonomy, insisting that all media enquiries have to go through them (5hrs or more behind - what are these "deadline" things of which you speak?)

30) ...and then yell at the UK PR side for the unfriendly stuff that appears

31) ... not comprehending the essentially adversarial nature of UK hacks.

Geez, I'm not even in PR and I know this. How scary is that?