25 May 2006

"You, boy!"

Kendall Lambeth

This won't be news to many people. Indeed, if you're in IT PR and over 25, it's a crime if you don't already know. And as punishment you'll have your head flushed down the nearest toilet while Gripper nicks your lunch money.

Yesteryear's big news of course is that Grange Hill's Danny Kendall went on to write for VNU, The Daily Telegraph and The Financial Times. He is now AOL UK's communications director. Well, Jonathan Lambeth, the child actor that is. Not actually Danny Kendall. He's a fictional character.

Lambeth's Grange Hill heritage makes him just about the most glamorous person in UK IT, and good for him in getting such a top job (and a whole lot better than ending up in EastEnders, or Zammo's locksmith company).

However, AOL bosses would be well warned to steer clear of letting Lambeth design a new AOL logo. The misunderstood artistic genius, instigator of the Speaking Wall and Radio Grange Hill, redesigned the Grange Hill badge into a rubbishy purple graphic which coincided with the series buckling under and going all crap.

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