29 May 2006

I'm gonna have to get me one of those....

Welcome back from the long weekend. According to an industry survey almost 12 per cent of tech PR practitioners didn’t pick up their email during the weekend.

Those that didn’t will have probably only just found out that Edelman, the world’s leading independent PR company, by jiminy, has bolstered it technology standing with the acquisition of Silicon Valley based A&R Partners.

A&R Edelman will become a new technology-specific brand for Edelman, although whether that will migrate to (or have resonance in) the UK is not yet clear. What is obvious is that A&R Partners is a genuine tech PR player, and its $15 million fees (with 115 people) will swell Edelman’s technology-related coffers and credibility.

All this West Coast excitement has an impact here. Edelman is a global company and has a large UK presence – it has been a leader in the UK PR industry for 35 years, don’t you know. The company will, of course, look to expand its newly acquired client portfolio on this side of the ocean. So if any of your clients are served by A&R Partners in the US, you’d better dust off and polish up your “why best-of-breed is fabulous” arguments. Hurrah for globalisation.

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Anonymous said...

You should do a post on which UK agencies have got the most to fear... That'd be interesting.