09 February 2007

Busting Blockbuster's balls...

IT hack monolith Chris Green is not happy with Blockbuster, the low-end video rental people. He's not happy at all. So he's written a letter to the company's MD. You can read it here...and please do, it's great.

You can't argue with any of Green's points. He does offer some fairly forthright opinions on the quality of staff in Blockbuster..."your consistently rude and brain-dead staff"...which, again, is probably fair enough.

However, I do foresee a potential issue. Having been less than glowing in his comments about the employees of his local Ruislip High Street branch, he than confirms that he will be visiting this weekend to settle his outstanding fines. Given the fact that pictures of Green's chubby little face are freely available on t'internet, do you think they might be waiting for him..?


Anonymous said...

It's easy to see that Chris is upset - so much so that on his web site he includes an advert for Blockbuster - just hover your mouse over the Blockbuster Video link.

Perhaps he should negotiate a contra deal for his rental fees?

Anonymous said...

It's not great. It's just his usual bullying pomposity. A Green-inker, almost.

Chris Green said...

Not so much an ad for Blockbuster, but a Snap preview. The idea is to give you some idea of what you are about to be directed to when clicking on an external link. I added them to my site after seeing them on Andrew Smith's blog. Still undecided as to whether they are useful or annoying.

Mind you, some ad revenue would be nice to offset my late fees on the DVD :)