27 February 2007

A face for podcasting….

With its sparkly new studio, VNU has gone podcasting crazy and it’s a tremendous amount of fun.

One can only imagine what Denis Norden might be able to dig up from the VNU vaults, but we’ve already noticed some of the funniest (toe-curling) podcasts have been removed from the site.

Robert Jaques and Madeline Bennett give some fine examples of why print journos shouldn’t do broadcast, while Iain Thomson proves himself to be a beautiful mix of John Craven, a Radio 4 shipping forecast announcer and Ronnie Barker.

Just take yesterday’s example, where Iain’s headlines include:

“Quality of UK broadband standards are falling: customers are revolting.”

“Nintendo Wii dominates console wars: A third of US and Japanese homes will have a wee by 2011.”

Informs, educates and entertains that Thomson - give him his own show….


Anonymous said...

Cliff Saran - another face for radio - hear his incisive interview technique at www.computerweekly.com/podcasts

Anonymous said...

good ol' Cliff....a face for radio and a voice for silent movies...

Iain said...

OK, Ronnie Barker is a compliment, the man was a genius, but the only thing I've got in common with John Craven is we're both heavy smokers (and we've both told a friend of mine Ned to f*ck off - but that's another story).

As for the shipping forecast I'm very glad I don't sound like Charlotte Green.

Ben said...

But you didn't mention those chunky knitted jumpers that you have in common with Craven.

Anonymous said...

Do these guys know what a pop shield is? You can even make one out of a coat hanger and a pair of stockings if the VNU budget is tight