02 March 2007

We don't like to talk about it...

...but we do a lot of work for charity. Well, a bit. And we'll happily blog about it.

You might have missed it, but for the past couple of month's the hugely influential US PR business blog Strumpette has been running a photo caption competition. Dream up a wildly funny line to accompany the chosen photo and you're in with a chance of picking up a cool $500.

It's a good chance for us Brits too as everyone knows Americans generally undergo a sense of humour lobotomy at birth, or shortly after, so the odds are stacked in our favour...as dear old TWL has demonstrated this month by winning! You can read all about our wittiness here.

Philanthropic souls that we are we suggested that the delicious Amanda Chapel of Strumpette donated the green stuff to a charity of her choice, so the deeply worthy Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity gets the cash.

And people say we never do anything of any value...

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