30 March 2007

If brevity is the soul of wit...

...then this is the funniest press release I've ever seen.

I love it...if you ignore the headline and the boilerplates, it's only 63 words long. And that includes one "leader" and one (bless 'em) "the world's leading"...it's quality.

Anyone got a shorter one..?


Anonymous said...

that's wierd - I can only assume they left a whole load of words out by mistake..?

Anonymous said...

It took 6 hours to take a brief, draft and secure approvals for that release, plus an additional 4 hours calling it round the IT hacks. Given that the client probably wants senior level resource, please find enclosed an invoice for £1,800 + VAT

PR Baby said...

I think (despite the references to world's leading, clearly) that they're on the right track. Why waste words a long pointless quote from your CEO, or meaningless bumf about how the market is ready for such a partnership?

I'll be suggesting the 'press release lite' to all my clients.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people did it have to go through before it got approved!

Chris Edwards said...

"additional 4 hours calling it round the IT hacks"

...praying that nobody picks up. I'd either show that release the inside of the bin in double-quick time or call their bluff.

Q1 "Who's up for interview on this?"

A "Well the marketing veep for Isilon"

Q2 "What about Schlumberger?"

A "Erm....."

I'm willing to bet that approval took a lot more than 6 hours. It's almost worth ringing Schlumberger to ask them about it. Almost.