27 March 2007

Caption competition...the result..!

It might be a bit quiet on the blogging front this week. Would you believe it? I'm a bit busy! With, like, proper work and that. In fact, I'm so busy that I clean forgot to announce the result of our Richard Millington photo caption competition.

Thanks ever so much for all the entries. There were quite a few..."I think therefore I am...(insert your own word or phrase here)" and a couple of "I should really stop fucking around with the superglue..." and a bunch more that raised a chuckle. Only one made me laugh out loud though...and here it is:

"I can see right up your skirt..."


Anonymous said...

So who wrote it?

....the world's leading.... said...

Ah, well, you see I replied to the winner giving him the good news (for it was a bloke) and asking for his address to which to send the sure-to-be-brilliant prize and also whether he would rather remain anonymous...to be honest, he hasn't replied as yet so I thought I'd play it on the safe side and keep names out of it for now.

Anonymous said...

There's a story here which might be bad news for Richard Millington... apparently bosses are increasingly searching blogs and online content for information before hiring somebody.

So poor Richard will therefore henceforth be known - rightly or wrongly - as a sexist upstart, well-skilled at shooting himself in the foot and coming out with the kind of horrendous mind-fart that companies won't want to take a chance on. (And heaven forbid he should be interviewed by one of the hundreds of female CEOs, MDs, practice heads or account directors out there... "Shouldn't we wait for your boss to turn up before beginning the interview, sweetheart? Now make yourself useful, milk and two sugars that'd be lovely. Now run along treacle and let me prepare for this interview... oh, you are the boss! Whatever next! I'll get my coat...)