13 March 2007

Americans in use of humour shock...

...PRWeak in technological ineptitude...less of a shock.

This headline in PRWeak's US edition grabbed my attention (excuse the ridiculous spelling of "humour"):

"Microsoft uses humor online in newest campaign"

It sounds kind of surprised, doesn't it? The sub-heading endorses how out of the ordinary this clearly is:

"Waggener Edstrom has launched an unusual online campaign for Microsoft Office 2007 that uses humor to persuade people to upgrade to the new software package."

The article tells the story of an internet quiz (On the Office Couch) in which people can match their personality to a program in Office 2007 (bean counters need not bother...you're all Excel) and a comic strip (Enchanted Office..."Once upon a user interface...") in which "follows a CEO named Madeline who dreams she is princess lost in a forest of non-productivity until she upgrades to the new software."

All fair enough, I guess...we've all had to make silk purses of sow's ears now and again and these seem like fairly decent stabs at doing just that (actually, I really like the Enchanted Office comic strip!)

Click on our links above to see what they're all about...but whatever you do, don't click on the links in the PRWeak article. Actually, do click and find yourself at the login page for Haymarket Publishing's web-based email. You might even want to have a stab at a couple of login names and passwords...

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Sean McManus said...

I really like that enchanted office cartoon. It's classy and it's a clever way to explain the point of the new interface. That said, it is abstract and leaves you wondering how the ribbon works on your screen as opposed to in a fairy tale.