08 March 2007

In Popbitch stylee no.1...

Which UK tech hack tells this story about himself?

"A tip for you. When you're at a trade show, never trust that smoked glass to block out whatever's happening in your booth...

"I spoke to some bloke from Sage once. I didn't really understand the technology (there's too much to keep up with. For me anyway).

"So I thought I'd be straight and ask the really stupid questions. The bloke was a bit surly, but that's nothing unusual. Anyway, once the interview was over, as I stood outside Sage's glass cubicle, I noticed I could see in through the brown glass. I spotted the man from Sage, pointing at me and making "wanker" signs.

"Blimey, I was only asking! Still, I suppose he had a point..."

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Anonymous said...

The journo is Nick Booth AICM £5