22 March 2007

The question is, do you swipe it..?

So a well-regarded technology journalist forwarded a press invitation to TWL this afternoon. It's for the UK launch of ClickCard which, according to the invitation, is an "exciting new innovation for secure shopping on line." Seems fair enough given our journalist covers, amongst other things, security issues.

The journalist in question was amused by the fact that the launch event was planned for 11.00am at "The World Famous - Sunset Strip, 30 Dean Street, London" and it doesn't take a PhD in Gentlemen's Entertainment to work out what that particular venue's main line of business is. In fact, you can see for yourself here.

"What sort of crazy agency brainstorm generated that idea for a launch location?" our journo wondered. And so did I...so I thought I'd take a closer look (not at the venue, you understand...not today, at least).

The agency organising the launch is MCS Agency which is based at number 47 Dean Street, just a few doors down the road from Sunset Strip, so my immediate thought was, "lazy bastards."

Try this though. Visit the MCS Agency website...click on MCS PR and then on the "View our current clients" link. ClickCard is listed sure enough (though loses a "k" on the site) and described, again, as "a unique ‘Alternative Payment System’ for online services that gives the user complete anonymity and a safe payment method."

Again, all seems fair enough...until, that is, you click on the link to the ClickCard website itself...when it becomes apparent that the important bit about this "unique ‘Alternative Payment System’" is the "complete anonymity" it promises, along with the particular type of "online services" it pays for...suddenly a launch at a strip club doesn't look so odd.

Be warned, the ClickCard website very quickly becomes Not Safe For Work...especially if you enter as an over 18 year old and then click on "Free samples."

Well, I have to research these things properly...


PR Baby said...

A quick Google searched showed me that MCS hasn't managed to get Click Card any coverage yet.

Probably good news for MCS -- in order to save its (possibly) good reputation. The connotations of an anonymous credit card, allowing the user to buy whatever they want on the Internet, without being traced, is at best dubious.

Mind you - MCS also represents West Ham Football club - and the designer Scott Henshall of I'm a Celebrity fame. So, it's not exactly got a reputation of backing winners.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Just found out Chris Green attended this event. That's a whole of lap for a pretty dancing lady to fill.

Chris Green said...

The event in question was, at best, horrid. Read the blog:


....the world's leading.... said...

Crumbs Chris...what with the free strip and all, you've clearly put yourself on the line for the cause...honestly, you've gone the extra mile. How are you bearing up?

Did you get her number..?