14 March 2007

Lord Bell...bullish...

...just needs the nose-ring!

No, no...really...he's very confident. Chime has posted some nice numbers: turnover up! Profit up! Blah, blah. He said:

‘We have no evidence that the growth won't continue through 2007...business continues to move from awareness to influence, which is good news for PR.'

Mind you, I'd be confident if I'd found the Holy Grail, which apparently old Belly has. But far from it being the cup used by Jesus at the last supper, he says it's his company's contract with the Qatar Financial Centre, "because it comprises advertising as well as PR."

Disappointing news to many, many Christians.

Still, the big LB's got his finger on the new media pulse:

"Digital change has not affected PR in terms of costs in the same way it affects advertising. The costs of communicating to an online audience are similar to those associated with an offline audience."

Costs that he apparently appears reticent to bear as, at time of writing, news of Chime's financial results has yet to come through its own newsfeed!

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