06 November 2006

Great names of our time...

I guess that any questions raised in the post below will be answered this coming Thursday, as Hotwire PR is holding a seminar called "Harnessing the Power of Blogs". It will feature someone from Hotwire (obviously), someone from Ipsos MORI (who did a survey, of course) and the ubiquitous Charles Arthur (I'm sure that there's more than one of him).

I say that the seminar will no doubt answer all the questions...Hotwire says that it'll answer these ones:

What is the impact of user generated content on blogs on my business now and in the future?
How can blogs be influenced positively?
How can I manage my brand image and reputation in this new world with limited controls?
How can I measure the results and impact of blogs in a PR campaign?

Which is all you really need to know, isn't it?

The main point of this post, however, is not the event itself but the rather lovely name of one of the Hotwire people involved. The seminar, you see, will also be held in Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Paris, Milan and Madrid. If you'd like information on any of those, you'll need to contact one Celine Puff.

The perfect PR name, surely? Unless she's a magic dragon. Or grows her own.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Mr Arthur in bed with a tech PR company eh? Funny that, seeing as he's the most miserable, up-himself and PR -phobic hack out there. Have you seen the crap on his site about how you can and can't contact him? Jesus, what an important man you are Charles...http://www.charlesarthur.com/contact.php

Charles said...

Hmm, one has to try to guess whether the above was written by someone who's tried and failed to sell me a story.

Miserable? Others can judge.
Up-himself? What does this phrase actually *mean*? I mean, applied to things one writes or does?

PR-phobic? No, I try to help people by pointing out effective ways to contact me. (Thanks for the link btw. Remember, Google loves you.)

Now, can anyone here spell "embittered"?

BTW there *are* two of me. Google "Charles Arthur Haiti" to find my mysterious lost twin (who I swear is not me).

Anonymous said...

Having dealt with Charles on a number of occasions, I must say that I never found himself to be miserable, up-himself or PR-phobic. The worst complaint I could possibly have is that he once got a job title wrong (by one letter).