27 November 2006

Is that American Englich..?

So, Text 100 ("leading global PR agency") and some bunch called Squiz (I'm sorry, I've been through the website and I still haven't a clue...) have produced a "co-authored whitepaper" called "Communications 2.0: Beta is Better", all about Web 2.0 and "how it can help you improve your communications strategy."

There are people far better placed than I to comment on the content of the whitepaper. What I do know, however, is that when the sub-heading of the press release tells me that the whitepaper "provides best practise advise on how to exploit new web technologies!" the whole venture is devalued to the point of my not bothering to read it.

Though I can't be bothered with the whitepaper itself, the rest of the press release is an entertaining read, if only for the sublime use of meaningless cliché by a Squiz Director (which sounds vaguely disgusting to me...I can direct my own Squiz, thank you very much). He says, in one memorable sentence, "The good news is that it's not rocket science and it shouldn't cost and arm and a leg."

We're over the moon about that.


Dom Pannell said...

Haven't a clue?

At the risk of sounding facetious, I'd suggest that Squiz probably sell an 'Open source content management system' - rather like it says all over their website and throughout their 'white papers'.

Anyway, where's this Christmas Party being held on the 6th?

....the world's leading.... said...

Any more of your cheek, Ready Brek Boy, and you won't be coming. Relax...as long as you've got the date in the diary, everything's cool. Venue will be revealed shortly...in fact, I'm off on a fact finding mission this evening.

And it isn't a good thing to admit that you're au fait with open source content management systems.

Rob Buckley said...

From personal experience, I'd say it isn't good actually using this particular open source content management system.

james warren said...

Cilly prisks.