06 November 2006

Penny for the Guy..?

Guy Kewney's posted a comment over on Tim Dyson's blog. He's actually telling Dyson off for a schoolboy spelling mistake. Quite right too...Dyson's used "there" instead of "their" - and in actual fact shouldn't have been trying to use "their" in any case, he should've been using "its" (companies always being singular).

Anyway, Kewney then launches into a completely unrelated moan about The "blasted" Red Consultancy's new (I think) Flash website, ending his comment by imploring Dyson to "teach them something about PR."

Brilliant stuff. I'm really interested to see Dyson's reply.

1 comment:

Tim Dyson, CEO of Next Fifteen said...

My there is now an ITS and always shall be. As for Red being Flash that's ITS own problem.