15 November 2006

Where’s Aedhmar..?

Anyone seen Text 100 CEO Aedhmar Hynes? At least, has anyone seen her near a computer keyboard?

As far as I can tell, one of the golden rules of effective blogging is to do it regularly. I think that helps people come back time after time to see what you’ve got to say. Or something.

When Aedhmar Hynes set up her blog back in February, I thought she did quite a smart thing. She called it Monday Morning (not that smart in itself, I admit) but in her first post she explained that its name stemmed from the fact that she was going to blog just once a week, on Monday morning. This is what she said:

“As an avid reader of both 'traditional' and 'new' media, my blog will be a weekly reflection on how these diaglogues affect the public relations industry and the companies we support. The weekend is a great time to catch up on my reading, so Monday Morning will be a reflection of the writing that intrigued me the most.”

And before anyone corrects me, she really did write “diaglogues.”

Maybe she’s stopped reading? Or perhaps her Monday morning musings weren't as interesting as she thought, "Mowed the lawn, cleaned the car...husband fell asleep in front of the TV after roast beef and yorkies, kids ran riot. Didn't want to come to work."

Whatever, she’s been very quiet for a good while now. Her most recent post was on September 8th. In fact, by my reckoning, there have been 39 Monday mornings since Aedhmar’s first foray into the blogosphere, but only 20 posts on her blog. As some of her American colleagues would surely say (before being slapped by a Brit), “you do the math.”

She set the expectations and has failed to deliver. Presumably not a reflection of Text 100’s work as a whole?


Anonymous said...

...and what about those other infrequent bloggers Tim Dyson of NextFifteen (last post 26th October) and Stuart Smith of Edelman (last post 13th October)?

Amanda Chapel said...

I was just going to write about that.

Just yesterday, I was trying to get a comment out of Text 100's Aaron Uhrmacher (aka Smiddy Smails) in Second Life. He ran away.


- Amanda

Anonymous said...

Nice one - you seem to have woken her form her slumbers... :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice one, you seem to have woken her from her slumbers! :-)

....the world's leading.... said...

She could've at least namechecked us for the kick up the backside, don't you think?

James said...

And let's not forget Charles Dunstone. Posted on Monday - previous post was 1 September ...