11 October 2006

Bullshit level alert: maintained...

We're dizzy with the power we wield. Today - a mere 24 hours from out original post - the jargon-ridden recruitment ad from WaggEd has disappeared. Position filled? Doubt it.

Worry not, however, as we have been alerted to another PR company's efforts to define yet more audience sectors to target. Burson-Marstellar has come up with e-fluentials, tech-fluentials and - get this - mom-fluentials (they're "powerful information brokers" don't you know). There are even nice little avatars to explain more.



Justin said...

Mom-fluentials - what the ****! Somebody somewhere is probably very proud of themselves 'look at me and my endless ability to create nonsense'! Atleast they made me laugh, that's something i suppose.

Good spot.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the people that create this type of stuff come under the audience category of "eff-luencials".