11 October 2006

The Maldivians are mad...

A couple of days ago we posted about Hill & Knowlton's efforts to address some of the, umm, "image" challenges faced by President Gayoom of the Maldives (some say "brutal dictator", others say "just a bit grumpy").

Much attention has centred on Tim Fallon, H&K London's man in the Maldives. Well, last Friday Fallon decided to respond with a post on hig blog...and the Maldivians have come out fighting...check the comments...these just from the first few:

"No, Mr.Fallon! Your first and only priority in supporting a brutal and dictatorial regime is profit making. Period. When your company is getting paid thousands of pounds when there are several Maldivian people who do not have 3 square meals a day, you are definitely hiding something!"

"You are basically supporting a regime that has perpertrated inexcusable and horrendous human rights abuses against its own people."

"Mr Fallon. You are not helping my country to democratize. On the contrary you are doing nothing but drain our resources."

"Mr. Fallon, simply put, you are an opportunist."

"You have helped prolong civil unrest, political repression and torture in the Maldives."

"Mr. Fallon, Do you realise that you too have smeared yourself with the blood of the victims of the cruel dictator."

"Mr Fallon, shame on people like you who try to sanitize President Gayoom's regime which has been responsible for the torture of thousands of Maldivians and several foreign."

Blimey...and there are literally hundreds of comments. But then, four days after Fallon's original post and all the negative comments, they start to change (funny that). Stuff like this pops up:

"The PR work you have undertaken for our democratically elected government is very important and requires due credit."

"Your work is fantastic Mr Fallon and I wish there were more persons that would tell the world the truth about Maldivians."

"Mr. Fallon, you're an educated good person. and i appresiate what u are doing for the poor people of Maldives. thank you very much, sir."

"Tim, keep up the good work! You've done well, despite the 'barking dogs' barking day and night. As you've said yourself above, most of those comments are "the protestation of a small and fragmented group of opponents"...you've put it nicely, too kindly. personally i think these are ravings of mad dogs. "

"Excellent work, Tim and keep the fight up - it is only when people like you speak the truth and spread it to the international community that the message will eventually sink in - that Maldives has developed in leaps and bounds under our beloved President Gayoom's leadership, guidance and courage over the past 3 decades."

As yet, Tim has declined to respond to the comments. He's probably tucked up in bed in a very dark room.


Simon said...

If only someone could check on the IP addresses for those all supportive comments!

Anonymous said...

>"As yet, Tim has declined to respond to the comments. He's probably tucked up in bed in a very dark room."<

Tucked up in bed? - nonsense. He's on a whistle-stop tour of Asia...there's business to be won in Burma and North Korea, apparently...