24 January 2007

Brighton Belle….

It was lovely having the prolific Sally Whittle joining in the ‘comments’ banter recently. It inspired a quick visit to her blog and, boy, it was a trip worth making.

Sally has a bit of a thing about Response Source. And not in the lazy-account-execs-have-it-all-laid-on-a-plate-for-them-these-days type way that it annoys us.

Our favourite musing was her post asking who the hell would want a Response Source branded T-shirt or cap. It’s a fair question. Today’s well dressed AEs are not sporting MediaDisk trainers, PR Newswire jumpers or Romeike trousers. In fact it is only in the techiest realms of IT that anyone thinks that company branded clothes are anything other that dreadfully embarrassing.

There’s only one tech shop in town that does cool clothes, and that’s The Register’s Cash ‘n’ Carrion. It has a cheeky little range, including this and this.

In a different post, Sally highlights a great piece related to MySpace, a place for freaks, which is obviously awash with saddos and marketers (Ed – isn’t that a tad tautological?).

Some poor stammering fool who hasn’t left his or her bedroom in all 15 years of their existence came up with a MySpace phishing scam to capture passwords. Texturbation does some nice analysis on popular passwords (340 occurrences of the word “password”), but even better lists some of the passwords left by those that knew it was a phishing scam.

Some of them involve some rather vulgar language, so don’t visit if you’re easily offended by teenage homophobia and swearing….

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