17 January 2007

You gotta practice what you preach...

...and here's someone doing exactly that. Following our call for industry news, the sparky Fiona Blamey of Prompt Communications has been in touch. As you'll see from this press release, Prompt has launch a blogger relations service and, if the way Fiona "related" to TWL is anything to go by, while it's a crazy plan, it might just work.

To be frank, Fiona flattered us beyond all reason..."Very much enjoying your site," she said, "there aren’t too many people in the industry who can write nicely like what you can" she continued. Stop it, Fiona, stop it. Oh, go on then.

In return for her shameless sweet talk, we're happy to give the new service a mention...details of Prompt's new blogging service can be found here.

And just so we don't upset TWL viewers who might be aghast at the lack of piss-taking in this post, we're delighted to see that Prompt is one of those generous agencies that puts pictures and short biographies of their consultants on its website.

The first consultant is called Hazel Butters which initially, to be honest, I thought was part of her job description. Well, some agencies have tea boys, why wouldn't others have someone to butter the toast?

Fiona's there, obviously, and before you scoff at Prompt's new blogging service, how many other people do you know who have written a thesis on the cultural significance of blogging and social media as part of an MA in Popular Culture? Oh, yes, I see what you mean...scoff away.

There's a serious man called Lance (well, you would be, wouldn't you?) and a chirpy ginger one called Dave. There's Kate who's "full of ideas" and Annie, who's "capable, creative and client-focused" (but then so is foxy Elissa. How do they work that out? Is one capable on the other's client-focused days? You wouldn't want them both creative at the same time...or maybe you would? Help!). Heather, meanwhile, is "capabile, curious and service oriented"...I'm particularly interested in that curious bit...I wonder if Elissa might have a bit of "curious" in her too?

Mysteriously, there's no picture of Lisa Facinelli...with a name like that though, I wonder if she's on a witness protection programme of some kind?

And get the linguist...Louise Hill speaks Spanish, Italian, Franch and Portuguese fluently, elementary Greek and is currently studying for GSCEs in Arabic and Russian. The best bit is, she apparently swears like a trooper...in eight different languages! Actually, I made that bit up. But she has got an Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits. Is that like I've got a Doctorate in Pies and Pasties?


Lance Concannon said...

I'm not *very* serious. Just hideously un-photogenic.

figgis said...

Someone I work with uses the term 'Butters' to mean Butt Ugly.

Fiona Blamey said...

I'm terribly sparky, me.