30 January 2007

Formulaic PR….

Possibly the UK’s finest journo blogger, Rupert Goodwins, has devised a very useful formula for people called Tamara who work at Hill & Knowlton.

Goodwins’ irrefutable law of PR success states:

The probability of a successful pitch can be calculated by the following handy formula applied to the details of your client's latest wheeze.

3NT x 4UP x 2BI x 5EAI
----------------------------- = P(copy)
3M^3 x 2ACE x 10L

Where NT = New Technology, UP = Unique Product, BI = Beer Involved, EAI = Engineers Available for Interview, M = Marketing Managers, EMEA or Mornings, ACE = Already Covered Elsewhere (ie, your American brethren have already spilled the beans) and L = the word Leading or Leader in the first paragraph of the press release.

Good work from Goodwins….

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