26 January 2007

One step forward, two steps back...to the future...

Always at the forefront of PR innovation - like adding another letter to an acronym - the CIPR looks to be once again driving the use of social media within the industry. Outgoing President Tony Bradley set the ball rolling, of course, by last year starting to "blog" (this, for those of you that don't know, being short for "weblog", a new-fangled techno-whatsit that the kids are into) which immediately placed him at the very bleeding-edge of "computer age" communications techniques. New man at the helm of the good ship CIPR, Lionel Zetter, looks set fair to carry on the inexorable march into this exciting new era.

Or does he?

His first post on the CIPR's blog PR Voice, setting out his priorities for the year ahead (neatly summarised as "members and money"...though I suspect it could have been even more neatly summarised as "money") ends with this little note:

(Due to technical difficulties, this post, written by CIPR President Lionel Zetter, is being published by the CIPR on his behalf.)

Oh dear. I wonder what these "technical difficulties" might have been? Perhaps the final handover post from exiting President Tony Bradley might offer up a clue? Ah yes, here we are:

"...as I hand over the Presidency to my successor and good friend Lionel Zetter it's also time to give him the log-in details and password for PR Voice."

He's forgotten it already. Doesn't bode well. Still, best not take the mickey too much...Lionel's got a black belt in karate.

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