26 January 2007

More four letter acronyms...

Of course, it wouldn't be fair of me to mention the CIPR without also having a look at the tremendous progress made in t'age of computers by our other esteemed representative body the PRCA.

The PRCA, it goes without saying, has its own blog. It's called PRCA Bites. It's a bit tricky to find, however, as the link to it on the drop-down "PRCA Links" menu on the PRCA's homepage is broken...so here's one we prepared earlier.

You can tell that the PRCA "got it" early, as it published a post way back in November 2005 called "Blogging can't be ignored"...right on, brother.

That's easy for the PRCA to say. And it would seem, to do. Since that post - 14 months ago - the PRCA blog has featured a grand total of, umm, hang on I've just got to count them all, oh yes, five more posts. That's like one every three months or so.

Interestingly, the "Blogging can't be ignored" post reported an Edelman/Technorati event which included a panel, one member of which was Stuart Smith, Edelman's UK CEO. He's a man who also seems adept at ignoring blogging, as since he set up his blog back in October, PRwordSmith ("Those that know me, know that I am not often short of words, opinions (or even the odd diagram," he said), he's posted a grand total of seven times...and six of those were in the first four days!

Come on chaps. A blog is for life, not just for the birds after the show.

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