17 January 2007

Get back on the meat, fella...

People say that TWL is by far and away the most entertaining PR-related blog (yes they do...) but as far as we're concerned, Simon Collister wipes the floor with us. This is a post of his from last Friday:

"Turned on BBC Radio 4's In Business programme last night while cooking some tasty vegan sausages. I wasn't expecting much but was rewarded with a not-too-ground-breaking but interesting programme on open-source business.

"As well as the US centric background it featured the UK's first open-source firm - whose name now escapes me."

Comic genius!

Whaddya mean he's serious?


Anonymous said...

I hate vegans. They spend their entire time telling everyone else how wonderful they are and how much damage the rest of us do to our bodies and the environment by eating meat and driving cars.

Simon said...

Vegan sausages are tasty if you get the right ones.

You're just damaging your body and the environment by eating meat and driving cars.

Simon said...

Oh yes...thanks for getting back to the piss-taking btw!