12 April 2007

Big pie finger….

Perhaps one of the most irrelevant news release headlines ever came out this week from CBL Data Recovery:


Distributed in the UK by The Message Machine (can’t find a website, even tried Ask), the news release then goes on to make no further reference to 11 O’CLOCK. What's the relevance..? Is it that at 10.45 you're feeling relaxed about your sensitive data..? Don't you give a shit by 11.30..?

We’re not even sure if it’s an 11:00am cup-of-tea-and-a-biscuit “where’s my sensitive data” muse or an 11:00pm just-downing-an-eighth-Stella “where’s my sensitive data, it called me a fucking poof...but I love it, I really do, it's my best data” slur.

Answers on a shredded postcard….


Anonymous said...

I think the wife-beater brew angle works best.

There seems to be a spate of these rubbish headlines that sound more like direct mail shots lately. Perhaps something to do with sales and marketing team signing it off?

I always think they're a bit pointless as they're aimed at the tech company's customer base, rather than the journo they're trying to interest.

Don't think that many journos have huge data silos of unprotected, secret data knocking around. Or maybe I've just not devised my evil master-plan like the others?

Anonymous said...

I think, it's a reference to Fox News in the US, which in the opening credits to its evening news, asks (in typical butch American film announcer type way), it's XX O'Clock, do you know where your children are?'

The same channel has a daily traffic light system for the country's 'terror alert' every morning, just so you can decide if it's a good day to go to work or not...

....the world's leading.... said...

Thanks Anon for the clarification. So this is just another example of an American company shoving material into another market with no thought to its cultural relevance, yes?

Thought so...