11 April 2007

Look at my wad….

As much as we love technology PR, the main reason for working is to get paid. After all, Cath Kidston lampshades don’t buy themselves.

Now, of course, everyone is eager to make sure they are paid the going rate. Indeed some particularly unappealing types like to ensure they get paid more than they are actually worth.

The PR Weak Salary Survey has always provided the green-eyed with a salary benchmark. Worthy as it is, it has always been a bit generic as it doesn’t allow for the pay differentials within specific sectors of PR.

For the record, technology PR is generally regarded as the third best paid sector – behind financial and healthcare (especially ethical), but above corporate and B2B (including public affairs, CSR etc). Consumer and charity PR are the least well paid (the differential being made up by seeing the occasional D-list celebrity).

So, without much fanfare at all, welcome to the launch of the TWL Tech PR Salary Survey.

Saving the fuss and bother of questionnaires, TWL asked two reputable recruitment companies (yes, there are some) for their view of technology PR salary rates. Many thanks to Indigo Red (who paid for TWL’s drinks bash last year) and PRJS. Both companies do a lot of tech PR recruitment, so know what they are talking about. We averaged the two sets of figures and, behold, have created what is probably the most accurate UK tech PR salary index.

The salary bands are quite wide as the same job titles span from the smallest to the largest PR companies. Generally the larger agencies demand more experience and pay a higher salary, but there are always exceptions (particularly if a small agency is highly specialised). The salaries are based on London wages, so if you live in the North, knock about 68% off and talk about your short commute.

That’s enough caveats, check your worth and demand a meeting with your line manager if you think you might be able to wangle an extra couple of grand.

Junior account executive
Experience: Little to none
Salary: £16-21K
Most likely to: Create coverage boards and reports

Account executive
Experience: 6-18 months
Salary: £20-24K
Most likely to: Do ring rounds

Senior account executive
Experience: 18 months-2.5 years
Salary: £24-28K
Most likely to: Moan a lot

Account manager
Experience: 2-4.5 years
Salary: £27-38K
Most likely to: Struggle to delegate

Senior account manager
Experience: 4-5 years
Salary: £34-43K
Most likely to: Learn how to use PowerPoint

Account director
Experience: 4.5-7 years
Salary: £39-53K
Most likely to: Say ‘leverage’

Associate director
Experience: 7-10 years
Salary: £50-73K
Most likely to: Not know any journalists

Board director (generic)
Experience: 10+ years
Salary: £65-90K
Most likely to: Be a complete cock

Board director (top 10 agency)
Experience: 10+ years
Salary: £75-150K
Most likely to: Work from home

Managing director
Experience: 13+ years
Salary: £95-170K
Most likely to: Be loved or hated

And finally, remember that any tech journos reading this now know what you’re paid….


Anonymous said...

We already know what you earn. That's why we're happy to let you buy the beers. (what editorial independence?)

Anonymous said...

...seems hardly worth working your arse off to get to the top for maybe £170k.

Anonymous said...

Nice one TWL - about time there was a bit of transparency.

Maybe you should do a tech journalist one next?

Junior reporter
Experience: 0 -1 years
Salary: £11k
Most likely to: Ask CEOs dumb questions, go to a lot of PR parties.

News editor...........and so on.

The salaries would make very depressing reading.

serena25 said...

I didn't complete the PR Week survey because I didn't fit any of the categories at all. That's because quite a few PRs in the charity sector, like me, only spend part of their time working on PR.

Anonymous said...

you're forgetting the 'we're bastard desparate' increment paid to directors/mds with truly appalling track records by the big consultancies, and then the 'oh crap we must have been drunk' payouts to get shot of said hirelings about 9 months later.

THATS how you makes yer dosh boys and girls.