16 April 2007

TWL competition: The art of the doodle...

In the post-industrial revolution professional working environment, has there ever been an activity better designed to encourage workplace doodle artists than the conference call? I can't think of one.

You're tied to your desk, pen in hand, clean sheet of paper in front of you and, essentially, a whole hour free with little more to say or do than tap in a participant's pin number, mention your name and press the # sign a couple of times. Aside from "Conference call, April 16th" your notebook is unlikey to carry any further words, leaving acres of space for doodling while you half listen to some VP of Communications droning on.

Doodles truly are the art of the office. Are you geometric or floral..? Lines and arrows or circles and twirls..? I'm something of a mixture, as you can see here...but what does it all mean..? OK, so I'm no Hugh Macleod...though to be honest, given his recent moves, that might simply be because it doesn't contain the phrase, "Microsoft...wow, we really are the best. Fuck you."

Anyway, next time you execute a particularly striking effort, scan it in and email it to us. The best one will receive some sort of prize. Maybe a Spirograph.

We might even do an exhibition. Probably in Second Life...(joke).

1 comment:

Caroline Tarbett said...

What a brilliant idea, perhaps we have a 'doodle analyst' or other such expert who could uncover the meaning hidden within that doodle. Perhaps it'll reveal TWL's true identity!