18 July 2007

Peter’s got a nice gaff….

As if Chris Green hadn’t already served a warning, Peter Judge alerted burglars all over London to his “lovely house,” where his lodger’s room is “really big.”

A 'lovely house' full of 'really big hi-tech kit' no doubt. To give the burglars a helping hand, London Lite (prize to anyone that can find the article online) even published a picture of Peter’s house on Brixton Hill.

Peter has had to take a lodger in “as there has been a bit of a downturn in technology journalism,” which is a bit odd given his regular gig with Techworld, owned by IDG, which just launched Computerworld, which is vying with recently launched IT Pro, which is battling with freshly purchased Computing and revamped IT Week, which are competing with a refreshed Computer Weekly, a redesigned CBR, a stalwart Info Age, and a suite of CNET publications that have just moved to plush new offices, and The Register at its new place in trendy ‘Noho’. Tough times indeed.

Sounding just a little bit like the beginning of a new Hollyoaks storyline Peter says he “registered with two websites and spent half an hour every day scanning pictures of women looking for rooms to rent.” Freaky.

Anyway, next time you see Peter, get him to buy you a drink – he’s up £400 a month these days. The only real downer is that there’s a bit of a queue for the bathroom in the morning. No surprise given his Germanic lodger’s penchant for “playing period instruments” might mean some of Peter’s extra tax-free cash being spent replacing the bathroom rug….


Anonymous said...

I do hope that extra revenue is being declared to the tax man!

....the world's leading.... said...

No, it's OK...the article states that £400 is under the level that requires you to declare.

Max Cooter said...

Yeah, but I now know what to say to Peter if he asks for a pay increase this year :-)

Anonymous said...

The nationals could start a whole new lifestyle supplement.

page 1: Bryan Betts builds valhalla in his garden

page 3: Shopping for sandals with Guy Kewney

page 5: Barry Fox's consumer guide to complaining

Anonymous said...

Not to mention Peter's other income as a touring Morris dancer... sometimes up to £10 in loose change gets put in those pint mugs when they come round.

That said he is without doubt the nicest Morris dancing IT journalist, with a beard, that I know.

Anonymous said...

"page 1: Bryan Betts builds valhalla in his garden

page 3: Shopping for sandals with Guy Kewney

page 5: Barry Fox's consumer guide to complaining"

Whilst I often laugh at posts and comment on TWL - this is the first to make me snort with laughter out loud.

Anonymous said...

Was Peter Judge the actor that played Mr Timothy Claypole in the once popular BBC drama Rentaghost?


Peter Judge said...

So Max is jovially suggesting my lodger could subsidise IDG next time it's time to review fees?

That downturn must be worse than I thought....

Chris said...

I understand Chris Green got all his gear back. That's good news.