06 June 2006

Hello Moto...

The five lucky agency bosses that find themselves on Motorola’s pitch shortlist are jumping with glee at the prospect of landing one of tech PR’s most prestigious clients.

Not only is it a whopping great feather in any agency’s cap, it's worth a hell of a lot more than the £300K stated on the front page of PR Week. In reality, we're told, it's a whole lot closer to the record-breaking amount that Brian Clough splashed out for Trevor Francis in the late 70s.

As one industry wag commented: "It’s the type of account that transforms two agencies: the one it goes to, and the one it leaves behind."

Such is the fee that it’s not only the five agencies that stand a chance of landing the business that are rubbing their hands; it’s the people running PR recruitment companies with strong tech practices that will be the real winners.

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