09 June 2006

Rainier foggy over bloggy...

On Monday (in fact up until yesterday we believe) Rainier PR's blog (Rainier being, it tells us, ‘one of the UK's leading business-to-business and consumer technology PR agencies’…ooooh, get you) had the top spot on Google if you typed in "PR blog". Now it's gone. Why would that be?

That it was there at all was, to say the least, a fascinating and intriguing aberration to anyone who knows a thing about blogs - Technorati and other blog ranking services didn't really rate it highly...so either there was some very interesting search engine optimisation going on or Rainier's blog was a lot more popular than most people thought...

Just a few days ago Stuart Bruce (see below) - the self-proclaimed IT PR guru from Leeds -called their blog "the dullest, most pompous blog I've ever seen" and he's not the first.

Now it has disappeared, leaving the rather limp Breakfast Briefing blog in its wake. You can still see some of the disappeared blog that so irked La Guru, Mr Bruce, in Google's cache.

1 comment:

Stephen Waddington said...

Fair cop. It was lousy and we took it down.

We tried creating an open blog that everyone internally could post to and it didn't work.

Keep up the good work. It keeps us all honest.