02 June 2006

World Cup...heroes and humbugs...

So, hands up who's getting excited about the World Cup? We certainly are. But we want to know who are the PR world's Coupe de Monde heroes, and who are the bah humbugs.

Has your boss hung plasma screens throughout the office, installed beer-filled minibars beneath your desk and already suggested a long late lunch before kick-off to discuss whether Togo are likely to play a flat back four or put a man in the hole? She has?! World Cup Hero!

Or are you likely to be tied to your desk, anxiously wondering whether the Dutch have taken an early lead and trying to take a sneaky peek at BBC online's coverage while your workaholic boss prowls the office looking for any sign of national colours and, therefore, a clear lack of commitment to the business? Really?! World Cup Humbug.

Let us know...post a comment or send a story to theworldsleading@yahoo.co.uk

PS...for our American readers I'm talking, of course, about the real World Cup as opposed to, say, the World Series. You know, this is the one where everyone gets to play.

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