02 June 2006


We hear that Justin Hayward (not the Moody Blues one) is soon to travel the long and winding tube line from Canary Wharf to that funny sort of area between Earl's Court and Olympia (West Kensington or something?). He'll soon depart from Ogilvy's UK HQ in Cabot Square and land in the office of Manning Selvage & Lee London - the European headquarters of MS&L, one of the world’s leading public relations firms, for goodness sake).

Hayward's been ploughing his own furrow at Ogilvy for a couple of years now but, to be honest, his departure was always on the cards. He's simply too smart to be hanging around with a bunch of ad agency luvvies on a daily basis and, let's face it, Ogilvy will always be an ad agency first and PR second. It's a great hire for MS&L.

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