21 June 2006

I coulda been a contender...

It has been known for “The World’s Leading” to poke gentle fun at the way companies describe themselves.

Axicom has gone one further by afflicting itself with a horribly cruel and comical one line descriptor.

The fifth paragraph of its home page proudly brags that Axicom is “one of the UK's top ten technology PR agencies, we were named PR Week's Hi-Tech Agency to Watch in 2001/2002.”

Christ, watch for how long?

It's beautifully reminiscent of the auto-signature that IT freelance journo and ‘adult website reviewer’ Wavey Davey Winder (Author: Freelance Journalist: Consultant) only recently abandoned. It read:

Davey Winder
Technology Journalist of the Year (1996)

1 comment:

lyle said...

Fair point. Mind you , PR Week hasn't had a tech agency to watch since then so we could still claim...but then again, maybe not.
Lyle Closs, AxiCom