15 June 2006

When the PR becomes the story...

Don't you just love it when a PR consultancy gets named in tech editorial? You just know it ain't gonna be good. And don't you really love it when two come along at once...and especially when they're from the same group?

It appears that a couple of days ago Bite caused a stir in the consumer tech media (and no doubt, a load of work for itself) when it confirmed that the UK launch of its client Samsung's forthcoming Blu-ray player was going to be delayed. Engadget broke the news - which it described as a 'crushing blow to HD-hungry consumers' - after calling Bite to simply confirm the June 25th launch date. Oh dear.

I was still chuckling about that when Google News throws up the following snippet from Dan Ilett's China Diary, currently featured on silicon.com:

But then I get a text message from UK PR agency Text 100. After months of trying they've managed to get someone from Lenovo to talk to me. This is good news...

Lovely, I think to myself, here's Text 100 - sister agency of Bite in the Next Fifteen Group - getting a slapping from Dan. But when I click through to the story, there's no mention of Text 100 in Dan's Diary at all. Go on, try it yourself...search on 'China Diary Text 100' in Google News and click through and see if you can find Text 100. Let us know if you do.

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