15 June 2006

It better be, but I doubt it...

I'm not sure PR Business, the recently launch rival to PR Week (in the UK at least) is getting the hang of life online (some might say it hasn't yet got the hang of life offline...). There's been a holding page up since the mag launched, what, four months ago (?) - initially the page said that the site would be with us in March 2006; then it said April 2006...in fact it said April until a couple of days ago.

Now it's changed it to say: "Please bear with us, our official site will launch very soon. It will be well worth the wait."

With its record for keeping a single page current, I'm not confident.

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David Rossiter said...

Did you see this week's issue? It has a special ePRBusiness report on electronic media, advising us all on how to "join the revolution"!


At least it had the sense not to write it in-house and got in the experts like Antony Mayfield and Niall Cook. (Fair disclosure: I work with Antony, but he does know his stuff).