09 August 2006

A company in need is a client indeed...

As you might be guessing, one of the small joys of my sad little life is perusing the releases posted on Sourcewire. It really does throw up some classics...but more than that, it might just present a new business opportunity for one of you agencies out there (Fundamental?). These guys need some help...

First up, some more great names: Mark Tardivel and Seth Gunnelfinga (no anagram necessary...I wonder if he's ever met the 1992 Olympic 400m hurdles champion?). Mark and Seth are founders of a new company: www.theworldwideworld.com, which has the snappy strapline “Why Only Search the Web When You Can Also Search the World?TM” (honestly!).

I'll leave you to find out what the hell it is that these guys do, suffice to say that you'll need some determination if you want to find out from the launch press release...it's not until the fourth paragraph that they mention the company's name!

The first line of the press release is my favourite, however:

"If you were reading a magazine and came across an advertisement promoting a pair of shoes that appealed to you, how would you go about buying them?"

Umm, I dunno....go down the shops? Exchange money for goods? Call me old fashioned.

Anyway, give them a call and pick up a client. Tell them that The World's Leading sent you...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've tried it [theworldwideworld.com] four times and you get the first few bars of Orinocco Flow by Enya every time you visit.

How come Google and those other so-called search engines can't give you something beautiful like that for free everytime you load up their precious search-boxes? Eh? Eh?

Laziness, that's what. Who needs another free online app you fiends, give us cute jingles!!!