31 August 2006

Fore crying out loud…

The mention in the post below about Glen Goldsmith got me thinking…where is he now? I knew that after he’d left Text 100 he sort of went freelance and then, I seemed to remember, he’d got together with Katie King (in a professional sense, of course…Katie and Glen always, I understand, had a very close working relationship but I would never suggest that it went anyway beyond that…you know, kissing or anything. No way, no how).

Anyway, niggling away in the back of my tiny mind was a memory that Katie and Glen had formed an oddly-named PR outfit, and indeed it’s true! It’s called 2thefore (geddit?) but you’ll have to visit the website to see what they’ve done there…because in an inspired bit of branding, they’ve lifted the 2 up a bit (you know, like it would be if it was something squared).

While you’re on the website, have a look around. It’s true that Katie and Glen have lots of experience and seem to be doing quite well. The website’s got some, umm, interesting bits of content though.

Everything seems to be themed ‘Fore’; so the menu items include: Whomfore (i.e. who they’d like to work for…which strangely starts and finishes with the same paragraph); Foremost (companies they've worked with in their whole lives); The Foremen (Glen and Katie) and Wherefore (as in "wherefore art thou, press coverage"...oh no, it's the contact details).

There’s also Forelosophy which, in case you can’t decipher the wordplay, outlines the company’s philosophy, which seems to be based on a trip to a restaurant, and Forethoughts, a series of quotes that, I guess, the Foremen think are apposite, the lead one being:

“Remember that the toes you stand on today may be attached to the legs that support the arse you have to kiss tomorrow.”


I’d like to propose a couple of other menu items:

Foretune: how much you’re going to have to pay for Katie and Glen’s services
Foreplay: the team’s favourite leisure pursuits
Fore!: what the team shouts when there’s a crisis on the horizon

And if you really want to get to know the team very well, how about a menu item called “Get under our Foreskin”?

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Anonymous said...

My abiding memory of Glen is of him throwing up in his bosses car after his first piss up at Text 100. Good PR bod though, as his career has shown.