15 August 2006

We've got some half price cracked ice and miles and miles of carpet tiles….

“Dell exploding laptops alert,” screamed the front page of Tuesday afternoon's edition of The Evening Standard, summing up in its usual barking-mad manner.

Fresh from shooting itself in the foot with a crap blog, mixing itself up with an unsavoury website and generally getting itself a damn good kicking for its abysmal customer service, the hardware Jonah has apparently been using the sort of incendiary batteries that would have Paul Holmes paying extra for a ticket.

The PC Goliath is now in the process of recalling around four million of the faulty little blighters and, according to reports, is urging customers to “get in touch to obtain replacements.” This will be met with a wry smile by anyone that has ever tried to get in touch with Dell about anything.

All of which must have made for another fulfilling day at GCI, Dell’s PR agency. All is far from sweetness and light in that relationship, so we understand, with Write Image happily nibbling up the edges of the UK account with a series of projects. Given its annus horribilis, we reckon we could have 2007’s biggest pitch on the cards…

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