03 August 2006

PR exposed as being less than honest shock...

Scathing stuff from Dennis Howlett...after receiving a release from Applix Den pulled the PR up on what he thought was a 'nonsense' statement in a spokesperson's quote, and after chasing for a response, got this:

"Yes I did, and was very true. But I didn’t think honesty was the best policy on that one J ha ha…"

Dennis wasn't very happy with that.

We're not sure who the PR in question was...whether they were from Applix itself or its PR company. We know that Liberty lists Applix as one of its clients on its website...I'm sure someone will pop up here sometime soon to deny it was anything to do with them...

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Anonymous said...

If it is Liberty, perhaps the section on their web site that asks: "What is good PR?", needs re-writing in light of the above?

"Liberty has a strong heritage in journalism and encourages the agency's former journalists to continue practicing their craft."

What, lying?

"And this means Liberty not only has an exceptional in-house team of writers, Liberty understands the journalists' requirements, which means Liberty pitches accurately and appropriately to the media."

Or not, as the case may be. Allegedly. In case it was an in-house Applix person. Allegedly.