19 July 2006

Bean counter or bean eater...?

I just read Stuart Bruce's biography. I don't know why; I guess I was intrigued as to the background of the self-styled 'PR guru'.

His biog tells me that before starting one of those dull PR companies named after its founders he took care of the PR for Grant Thornton, 'one of the world's largest accountants'.

Brilliant! Maybe Grant's related to the chocolate people?


Anonymous said...

I don't think even Grant Thornton would describe themselves as 'one of the world's biggest' - mid-tier at best, I would say.

Unless he truly is talking about the slightly over-hyped confectioner of the same (sur)name. Their chocolate gingers are nice...

Anonymous said...

I often see Mr Bruce's blog and can't believe anyone has the balls to call themselves a guru. Or is he perhaps being ironic? Guru is a term that others bestow on you...like 'entrepreneur'...and t*sser

Stuart Bruce, BMA PR said...

Been on holiday so missed this. Anonymous 2 is right as the 'guru' moniker was was originally coined by an ex-client and kind of stuck - a bit like Thornton's toffee.

When I moved the blog from its original home at 20six to typepad I was going to dump the name. But a popular vote by all three of my readers (including my dad) meant that it stuck again.