26 July 2006

Truly, madly, deeply...but only..?

The whole Motorola UK pitch post has caused a bit of a fuss it seems. PR Week covered the story (after us, of course), reiterating the rumour that Edelman has picked up the business at the cost of Firefly. But we hear that as part of the original RFP, Moto included a particularly restrictive clause; that any successful agency wouldn't work with any of its competitors. Anywhere. In the whole wide world.

Bit of a tricky one for Edelman this, as we understand it works for Samsung - Moto enemy no.1 - in the US and Korea.

But we could be wrong, of course. In which case, everything's cool.


Anonymous said...

Funny how Edelman gets away with this isn't it? Maybe Richard trains the Edelmanites in hypnosis. Look into my eyes you will let us work for who the f@#$ we like.

Anonymous said...

that made me chuckle...

"and...3-2-1...you're back in the room.....now sign the friggin contract.."