15 July 2006

It’s a nano industry….

Everyone seems to know everyone in tech PR. Everyone has taken a tough time from Steve Homer, everyone has worked on BT. Everyone has had one year when they didn’t have to go to CeBIT.

According to PRJS (an unusually good, and nice, recruitment company), there are around 30,000 PRs in the UK, spanning in-house and consultancy across both the public and private sectors (PR Week has a circulation of around 16,000 by way of judging its performance as a near monopoly).

Asked to estimate the number of those 30,000 that are in the tech sector, PRJS suggested around 15 per cent (only fair to point out here that this was no more than an off-the-top-of-your-head guess).

Which means that there are, roughly, about 4,500 tech PRs.

….The World’s Leading….is receiving an average of 1000 unique visits per week, which equates to one-in-five tech PRs every week (chances are a further one-in-five are rural-based sole traders that aren’t connected to broadband yet, while another one-in-five are currently on maternity leave).

The purpose of this isn’t to blow our own trumpet (which, if we could, we’d simply lay in bed doing all day long and never actually go to work), but to let you know that it’s worth sending us the occasional email about a new client win or something similar that you’d like others to know about.

Yes, of course, we may gently mock what you send in - especially if it’s full of marketing diatribe. But, equally, given that PR Week’s technology page seems to be totally unaware of any technology companies that don’t advertise on TV, there are not many other places that will mention your new £5K a month client that develops and sells software migration tools, WLAN testing equipment or enterprise storage systems….

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