31 July 2006

More Bangalore for your buck…

We know you’ve been waiting with as much anticipation as we have…unable to sleep, butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms, can’t concentrate. Well worry not, the waiting’s over, as the results are in from the 1st Unofficial Indian Public Relations Survey!

Given the well-publicised explosion in the number of international technology companies taking advantage of the burgeoning and highly-skilled Indian population, you’d expect a few of the big international names to get a mention. You’d also expect that, with a population of more than a billion people, a fair few PR pros would take part in the survey. And they have…literally 30 of them.

But let’s not worry about the small sample…let’s get into the data.

Well, good places to work are Text 100, Ogilvy, Perfect Relations, IPAN, 20:20 Media, Lewis PR, Bluelotus, Genesis, and Vaishnavi.

Bad places to work are Perfect Relations, yes again, Corporate Voice, IPAN, Genesis PR, and Prism PR.

And that’s it really…before we get into the nitty gritty of money. And guess what? PR People don’t cost much in India!

A ‘good’ salary package for an Account Manager was deemed to be 15,000 Indian Rupees a month…that’s about £172.50 to you. Not going to keep you in heels and make-up, is it love?

A similarly decent monthly salary for an Account Director was 60,000 Indian Rupees…or £690, so you can forget the plasma screen, buddy.

So, small sample, dodgy data. But it still tells us enough to know that your job will be off to India very, very soon. Better get the Imodium in.

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