19 July 2006

Maggie May....stay….

Tech PR is a tricky old world.

Maggie Holland - not the right-on-home-made-trousers-Maggie-Holland-your-dad-might-be-thinking-of-Maggie-Holland, but the porcelain-doll-look-a-like-ex-Computing-left-to-head-up-Write-Image’s-customer-evidence-offering Maggie Holland - has left the-UK’s-foremost-tech-PR-company-ha-ha-ha-smoke-and-mirrors-www.write-image.co.uk.

“I know,” you say, she’s left for tech PR company Lighthouse-that-was-bought-by-‘Rainier-on-your-wedding-day’.

But, no. She’s left there again to join….IT Pro….the UK’s most prolific not-launched-yet IT trade publication.

Goodness only knows the wild whirlwind which rules Maggie’s life, but the Lighthouse website can’t keep up with her (nor, indeed, it’s long since departed clients such as Simon ‘now-at-PA-Sports’ Edwards, Julia ‘not-there-anymore’ Legg and Jennifer ‘no-longer-in-that-role’ Ahnberg).

Good lord, how on Earth is a poorly paid AE meant to keep their Excel spreadsheet up-to-date?

1 comment:

Caroline Tarbett said...

It will be good to have Maggie back over the 'other' side. She's a good journalist and all-round good egg. Don't envy her having to share an office with Matthews, though *surpresses mental image*. :)