04 May 2007

Can we give you HEAD..?

Not that, you filthy, filthy girl.

It's an acronym which stands for Hitched, Engaged, Arrived and Departed. It's our version of marriages, engagements, births and deaths. Like they have in those big papers. So, if anyone at your place has popped the question, taken their vows, produced a sprog or popped their clogs, let us know about it and we'll give them a big shout. Easy on the deaths though...we don't want to depress everyone.

First up comes news that Edelman PR tech team member Tim Callington's wife Lucy has done all the hard work in producing a bouncing baby girl. Dropped on May 1st, Poppy Jean weighed in at a shade under eight and a half pounds and is doing very well.

She's going to start a blog and reckons Edelman will have hired her by the end of next week...


Anonymous said...

We see what you are doing there TWL... if you're not sure which local rag in some obscure town is better read, then check which has more birth and death announcements... nice work... let the readership grow.

Mark Thompson said...

Can't we nominate and vote for stuff instead? Maybe even these feedback comments could be monetised.