10 May 2007

Your out-of-the-box brainstorm idea for 10….

Life working on even the biggest IT brands can be a hell of a challenge. Take Intel - chips, semi-conductors, quad-core processors – all very good and important, but not something that naturally grabs people’s attention.

So, H&K to the rescue, with the fiendishly clever plan of a novelty quiz.

Take CNET’s brand spanking new video suite, a bunch of ZDNet journos, a motley crew of IT managers – mix in Arun Shenoy, Director of Digital Enterprise, Intel UK & Ireland in place of Bamber Gascoigne, Clever Posh Bloke, Eton College and Magdalene College – and hey presto you’ve got Intel University Challenge (intel-ligent, geddit?!).

Unable to resist, every now and again Arun Shenoy slips in the occasional work related question such as: “True or False? Agent presence checking and alerting can be performed wirelessly through level 3 VPN with Intel active management technology v2.5.” On such occasions, safe in the knowledge that the answer isn’t going to be ‘false’ as that would suggest Intel wasn’t jolly clever indeed, Goodwins can’t help but to be a smart arse. “Level 3 VPN,” he muses, before concluding: “True.”

Those crazy 2.0 cats at H&K have posted it on You Tube for us all to enjoy. Goodwins is clearly ZDNet’s Stephen Fry (3:12 into the clip), conferring with his colleagues as a CEO might pretend to listen to his employees’ opinions. It’s beautiful stuff.

ZDNet walloped the IT managers, 315 to 225, a trouncing not seen since Scumbag College’s appearance on University Challenge….


Anonymous said...

The highlight for me... One of the IT managers guessing the Bronte's brother may have been "Charles Bronte"...

Death Wish 5 anybody...?

Anonymous said...

surely everyone knows it was 'Dwayne Bronte'...?

Anonymous said...

I believe there's at least one IT journalist who has been a winner on University Challenge (the real one that is).

A and B the C of D said...

Yup - Max Cooter.