29 May 2007

Drinking opportunity, tomorrow night...

This just in from Will Sturgeon, editor at large (where, exactly?) of silicon.com:

"As many people are no doubt aware, Jo Best worked her last day for silicon.com on Friday. However, she’s currently living large on some well-earned holiday pay before she joins ZDNet in Australia and she remains a CNET employee. As such we don’t feel at all bad about making her come back in one more time for some leaving drinks this Wednesday.

"I know the award-winning Ms Best has enjoyed working alongside many excellent PR-types over the past four years and I’d hope many would love to come along and help say goodbye to somebody who has been a fantastic addition to both our editorial team and the UK tech industry.

"So if you think Jo would be delighted to see you (...trust your instincts on this one) feel free to join us at about 6-ish at The Rose & Crown on Colombo Street; tucked among the backstreets of SE1. It’s a traditional little boozer, much like Jo herself, but it has a great big garden out back which we can all admire through the driving rain. It would be great to see some familiar faces there.

"For those who never had the great pleasure of working with Jo, I’m sure there will be loads of opportunities to catch up with the rest of the silicon.com team in the coming weeks but in the meantime tomorrow night’s event will be all about giving Jo a great send-off among friends and colleagues."

TWL will be there. Probably. Don't let that put you off.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It was a fun night despite the fact I got continually mugged for the swear box by the scary ex-army landlord.

There is a reasonable chance I spent more on that damn swear box than on booze (which is saying something). Probably not helped by my immediate response to the first time I was forced to contribute to the aforementioned box with a: "Bloody hell are you being fucking serious this is a pub and I'm shitfaced?"

Though incidently blasphemy was okay.

Not sure what it is about swear boxes but if I get within ten yards I develop a big dose of tourettes.