18 May 2007

Everyone's saying Goodbye, Moto...

Too easy that one, eh..?

I'm hearing whispers on the grapevine that Mark Durrant, Motorola's Director of Communications & Public Affairs, EMEA, has jumped ship...allegedly for a big fat juicy job at Nokia.

This after Chris Bignell left last month after only a year at Moto, and following the recent departures of other big-hitters in Motorola's marketing and comms department, Rachel Laird and Simon Thompson.

Anyone know any more details..?


Anonymous said...

it's true

Anonymous said...

TWL: You seem mightily close to changes on the Motorola team? Surely these kinds of changes are par for the course in this industry. And would often go uncommented upon. Could it be you work a little more closely with Motorola than other companies in the space? Possibly with some agency-side insight?

...of course not, what am I saying.

Anonymous said...

it's true and you can follow his progress on his blog that he's set up especially... see here http://www.finn-mark.blogspot.com/